Spring Replacement

Most garage owners pay little or even no attention at all to their garage springs. Although both torsion and extension springs are expected to last for a very long time, there are a lot of factors that can greatly affect the durability of these crucial garage components and eventually break in their due time. Depending on the frequency of its use, garage door springs can last from 3 to 14 years. And when the time comes for you to replace your torsion or extension spring or both, Garage Door Mississauga is your best choice for a competent technician.

Although they are often disregarded, springs are considered as the backbone of every garage door system. And since these springs are attached to a variety of parts and components that make the whole thing work, garage door spring replacement Mississauga must not be performed by any individual who has little or no training at all. All of our technicians here in Garage Door Mississauga are certified and licensed professionals who have all undergone rigorous and extensive training in handling different forms of garage door issues especially in providing garage door spring replacement Mississauga services. 

Using your garage door with a broken spring is strongly discouraged for it poses great risk to the user and to the functionality of the entire garage door system. Apart from inflicting further damage to other parts of your garage door, you could get yourself hurt in the process and it can happen without warning. Whether you are using a manually operated garage door or with the help of an electronically operated garage door opener, our technicians will be more than glad to provide you with fast and immediate garage door spring replacement service anytime when needed. As the leading provider or garage door repair services, we have made sure to establish firm partnership with the world’s top garage door spring manufacturers. 

Garage Door Mississauga can provide you with world class quality torsion and extension springs of various sizes offering utmost durability and dependability even in the most rigid environments. Garage door springs receive the most tension when the doors are closed down so it is most likely that it is during in this position that garage door springs break. Apart from garage door replacement Mississauga solutions, Garage Door Mississauga offers the most effective and most efficient maintenance services with utmost attention to the smallest details or components of your garage door especially your garage door spring. This way, we will be able to make sure that your garage door is in top shape in helping you keep up with your daily schedule all the time.

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